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    Loses connection after few seconds


      OK I only use my Slingbox on occasion when I'm out of town, but the last time I used it in April it worked fine. A few days ago I got a new AV receiver and had to rewire my whole AV rack. Today I finally got around to rewiring the Slingbox. However when I try to test it I get a weird issue where it will connect for a few seconds then disconnect. Looking at the box itself I can see the whole box blink a few times, then the network connection light goes out and a few seconds later it comes back on. However as soon as I try to reconnect the whole cycle repeats.


      I read a thread on here that suggested that it might be the power supply. I found another device in my house that uses a brick with the same power output and same size connector so I tried that, but it still has the same issue.


      I'm within my 1 year warranty period, but they want to charge me $30 for support just to troubleshoot the problem before they'll replace the unit. I want to make sure I'm nto missing something obvious before I do that.