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      We bought the slingbox so our dad could use it in his room at his retirement home on his new iPad. We plugged it in at our home so if there was a problem we could fix it instead of asking the staff to do it. I downloaded the free sling player app on my iPhone 6 to test it. I selected a show and hit watch and it started the show in my phone but also changed the station on my tv so it was the same as my phone. Is this really the way it's supposed to work? We all have to watch the same show?

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          It's all down to the TV source.   If your TV and the Slingbox are using the same TV source then you have to watch the same channel,   If you want your Dad to watch a different channel you need to provide the Slingbox with it's own TV source.    You don't tell us what TV source you are using, but it normally means a second satellite/cable/freeview/DTA box,