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    Can't connect SlingPlayer for Android tablet to Chromecast... SOLVED

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      On Jan 2015 I bought the SlingPlayer app (ver 3.5.2) for Android tablet and used it all Winter with Chromecast to display on my TV. From May to now I didn't used it but I casted many other apps from tablet to TV through Chromecast.

      I am trying now to again use the SlingPlayer app (now ver 3.6.1). It displays well on the tablet but I can't get it to display on the TV. It seems that it can't see Chromecast. In the SlingPlayer settings menu it shows «Add Roku Player - go» but nothing about setting the Chromecast connection.

      Can someone please help me with connecting the SlingPlayer Android (5.1.1) tablet app to Chromecast.


      UPDATE (dec 21) : today a new system update to Android and/or to the SlingPlayer app fixed the problem... the Cast icon is now visible in the upper left corner of the SlingPlayer window.

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