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    Disappointed in Sling


      Hi Sling,


      I am coming on the forums to let you know how dis-satisfied I am with your company.


      I have been a long time supporter. I have owned 3 different sling devices for the last 10+years. I haven't had the time to come on the forums to rant but these ad's are just ******* me off to no extent.


      I purchased the Sling, purchased your android app. What else do you want me to buy.. Its friggen ridiculous that I pay for the unit and you still run ad's down my throat.



      Before your ad's I converted our company to sling boxes to monitor channels and such.. We must have purchased 200+ units. Few weeks later ad's everywhere and everyone came back to me because I talked so highly about your product.


      The ad's have bothered the staff that use your product so much we are ready to garbage the 200+ units we purchased and I am also looking for alternatives myself.



      If the ad's don't go I will be leaving sling and I won't look back. Hopefully you listen to your customers and stop ******* around.



      - Brian (Longtime Customer)

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          Please explain what ads you are talking about. I have had a slingbox pro hd for years, and I just watch stuff from my uverse tv box. I have never seen an ad, so I have to assume that this is something that they have started with some of the newer models?