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    slingcatcher hardware....Very weird...Help

    jaswinder05 Newbie
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      I have 4 slingcatchers. 3 have the hardware version 00020001


      And one with 00030001


      The problem is that the 00030001 when connected to some tv's in the house (kitchen and living room ) via hdmi the tv will show the message no signal.


      But when connected to two different tvs in the house the picture shows and the device works as  normal.


      This particular slingcatcher works on all tvs via         av leads just temperamental  via hdmi.


      I have changed resolution etc with no success


      The other slingcatchers work fine on all tvs using hdmi or av lead.


      The only difference I can see is hardware version.



      Any suggestions from my fellow slingbox / slingcatcher users on why this is?

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          bobg8zwf Newbie

          I have 3 catchers. One is 00020001 the others are 00030001. I have not experienced any issue with either hardware version connecting to TV, with HDMI, composite, component or S-video connections.

          Have you tried swapping power supplies between the different catchers and seeing any effect?

          I know that version "3" catchers have many components missing on the pcb. I will pull the skin off a "2" and see how it compares.

          I have long been trying to find circuit diagrams for these. I did find a source of brand new unpopulated pcb's, but never a diagram.

          I've also been trying to get hold of the source code. I want to gain ftp access. But it is well locked down and I think unlikely I will get it.

          My idea being to try to resolve some of the quirks with these boxes and to try some of the things that are in the firmware but disabled.