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    P1 Error Code - Slingbox is in invalid state

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      Any hints on how to allow the Desktop SlingPlayer app to connect to the SlingBox when you

      move the PC that was used to configure the SlingBox to a different network than the one used

      to originally set up the SlingBox?



      I set up Slingbox from Windows 7 Desktop SlingPlayer app on network with Gateway

      (Charter Cable).  Went home and tried to access SlingBox from same App / computer, now on

      network with Gateway (Comcast Cable).  When trying to connect, gives "Slingbox

      is in invalid state - P1 error code".  I assume it's still looking for it on the previous local network

      instead of a remote network, which is why it's getting the error.  I modified the Windows Firewall

      rule on the PC to allow local and remote access for the SlingPlayer app, but no change.  Other

      devices on same home network with the SlingPlayer app (IPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, Samsung

      Galaxy smart phone, etc.) have no problem remotely connecting to the Slingbox in another state

      and streaming video/audio.  So I know it's not the SlingBox.