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    SlingBox 500 Control on Android Phone

    neil154 Newbie
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      I have the new interface for the control of my Slingbox 500 on my Samsung S5 and obviously do not understand how to use it.


      For example, I cannot figure out how to goto a program in the future and tell the DVR to record.  Also, when I click on the remote control icon I get a choice of 3 items at the top and if I click on "all" I have a choice of "record" but that is only for the current channel at the current time and even then I get a screen which shows " Record once" or Record Series" or "Do Nothing" from that point I try using my finger to click on one of the choices but nothing works.


      So I would appreciate any help on these items.


      Also there is a choice of "custom10" when clicking on the :"all" so how do I customize?