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    Issue with Slingbox M2 & Sky

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      Hi all


      I recently purchased a new Slingbox and, using composite cables, found this worked well - though the quality was less than desirable. I read around and found that by using an HDMI to component converter, I could produce higher quality video for use with the slingbox from my Sky HD box.


      I set it up and found that there was no audio and the image was just fuzz. I attempted to plug the component cables into my TV and found that the video and audio feeds worked. I restarted both the Slingbox and Sky box and suddenly audio worked on Slingbox, though still video is just fuzz (as pictured below):



      Please help me work out what the issue could be. I don't understand why video won't work yet audio does; if 'HDCP' is the issue, how come it works on my TV when routed (through a converter) the exact same way?