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    Cannot get remote internet viewing


      Be grateful if anyone can help. I have used Slingbox Pro for about 3 years without problems. Have Port forwarded on various routers ie Zoom, 2 Wire, Netgear but all have been modem/routers. To get a better wireless signal for watching Slingbox in my garden I have just bought a Linksys WRT160n v3 router which was voted best wireless router by a well known PC magazine. In my "stupidity" I didnt realise it was not a modem but just a router. So I found my old Speedstream 4200 modem and set it up. No problems setting it all up for work on LAN side but I cannot set it up for remote internet.

      I have read lots of articles about "bridging" the Speedstream (simple operation just push a radio button) and then using the router by setting it to PPoE (my ISP is Tiscali and I have read they use PPoA and there isnt a setting for PPoA on the router) I have tried to set the router to PPoA and then put my ISP credentials in but it does not seem to work.

      I have reset my modem and then tried to set up a static IP for the router but I cannot get that to work either so I will be grateful if anyone can tell me how to set up a Speedstream 4200 modem with a Linksys WRT160n to allow internet viewing of my slingbox Pro.

      Incidentally the strength of the wireless signal from the router is really good and solved the garden-viewing problem.

      Any help/advice appreciated.




      Nb the modem has IP 192.168.254.xxxx     and the router/slingbox has IP's 192.168.1.xxx----not sure if that helps.