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    Windows slingplayer freezes in full screen mode (intermittant)


      Hi guys,


      Sorry to trouble you. I've been using slingplayer for a number of years. I recently bought a slingbox M1 and a new laptop with an intel i7 core 4 processor and an nVidia GTX 950M graphics card.  I'm using Virgin broadband and everything seems to work fine (to the limits of my hotel internet connection) however when I am streaming live in full screen mode it sometimes freezes. I hear the sound but the picture becomes static, updating every 10-30 sections. If I escape out and look at the non-full screen window the problem often remains, however if I use the slingplayer control to go back (say) 5 minutes the slingplayer streams the content fine.


      It seams like the issue is with the slingplayer app rather than my connection.  Is there anything I can do to reduce/ eliminating this freezing issue?


      Thanks, Dunx