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    advice wanted - Comcast X1 and SB500


      Hi, I'm switching to the new X1 platform with Comcast.  With my old setup I had 2 DVRs - one for my living room and one (hidden out of sight) for my SB500 which I watch overseas.  I frequently have guests staying at my home, so I need to have the dedicated box for the SB500.  Now Comcast tell me with the X1 platform I only need 1 DVR in the house as I can watch recorded content on all the other boxes/TVs.

      I just have a couple of questions with this system and appreciate if anyone can opine or help me with them:

      1- Anyone in the house can have access to recorded content or is there a way to segregate content somehow (like by user)?  For instance maybe I don't want guests to see what I am recording.  Also is it possible to disable/enable recording function on the individual boxes?

      2- I had to purchase a web power switch because the old DVR was frequently freezing and knocking out, so I would send the power cycle signal remotely.  Do people have similar problems with the X1 boxes?  Thinking of where to sit the DVR - should it be the one in the living room (and not attached to the switch) or the one hidden away, attached to the switch, and so I would be able to power cycle it easily.  Does it matter where the DVR is versus the other boxes?

      Thanks in advance to any help.

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          I have an X1, I don't have it hooked up to sling, but I absolutely love it.  The XFINITY apps are really nice and pretty handy to watch on the go.


          No idea how the guest stuff works.  Make sure to get the Voice remote.

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              I've had X1 for over 18 months and love it.

              1. Maybe this is a question for Comcast but i do not see anyway you can block recorded content on all the boxes because they all share the same Comcast account. I see you can only set Parental Controls in the settings to prevent certain channels and content from being viewed.

              2. Never had a problem with the DVR locking up. Never had to cycle the box.

              2b. It doesn't matter as far as I know where the DVR box is. Everyone has access to it. Think of it as having an external hard drive on your network with pictures and videos. Anyone can get to it if the permissions are open. Comcast has all the permissions open on their boxes under one account.


              Thats as much as I know, again it may be a question for Comcast. Also have my Slingbox 500 on my network and its awesome.