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    Slingbox works remotely but not locally!

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      I am able to view my slingbox remotely but not within my own house where it is connected.  if I use my iphone to connect via AT&T, no problem.  if I use the iphone to connect via the wifi in my house, it does not connect.  same with all the devises in my house.  none connect over the network in the house but I have no issues remotely.   I like to want tv on my computer in my office and I used to be able to, but no longer.  I would think it was a windows issue, but that does not explain the iphone.  I thought it was a router issue, but that does not explain why I can view remotely ONLY!

      any ideas?

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          sakisson Novice

          Hi, the fact that you can watch it outside of your network doesn't prove that your wifi settings locally on your router is fine

          I think you have an Ip lease problem where wifi devices connected to your router can get more than one ip's

          you can confirm with your ISP if by hard resetting yoru router you will not loose your internet connection and see if that one solves the issue