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    Slingbox Mobile HD Resolution on HTC EVO


      The Slingbox SOLO SD resolution is respectable on my HTC EVO, but the HD downscaling is poor.  You can barely even read the text, if at all, on the news channels.  No such problem with the SD channels.  I have a Comcast Motorola DCX 3400, which isn't listed, so I just use the remote settings for the Motorola DCT 3416, and that mostly works (not terribly relevant to the resolution problem, I know).


      Is there any better mobile HD downscaling quality with the Slingbox Pro-HD?  I don't need the HD resolution on my home computers, but I would like to see much better picture quality on my phone for downscaled HD channels.  I assume it's either a problem with the conversion quality on the SOLO box hardware itself or with the mobile Android app fixed settings perhaps not being fully accommodating of the EVO default full screen resolution.


      All of this is based on using a good WiFi connection.  Sprint 3G coverage in my area is horrid and renders the Sling Mobile player essentially useless, even with five or six bars of signal strength.  They acknowledge network problems and have even done a full diagnostic on my phone but are apparently unable to make 3G work reliably for more than a few seconds.



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          eferz Expert

          You'll achieve the same resolution with the Pro-HD or the Solo going down to a Moblie client.  As I understand the highest resolution for Slingplayer Mobile clients is currently 320x240.  This is the resolution which the Slingbox will downscale and transcode.


          The only situation where the Slingbox Pro-HD  would be better is if it viewed on the Slingplayer Desktop or Web Slingplayer.  This is because the SLingbox Solo has a max encoding resolution of 640*480 while the Pro-HD can do 1920*540 and the non-mobile clients aren't limited to QVGA resolutions.