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    Get rid of commercials and ads on Slingplayer Desktop!!

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      I'm at work the the San Bernardino shootings are happening so I immediately go to my Slingbox, only to sit through a fricken 30 second commercial, which seems a lot longer that that, not to mention that it is continually trying to buffer, before I can access my Slingbox, which doesn't always happen on the first try. I got so frustrated that I just switched to live streaming on the local stations. I'm finding myself doing this more and more often because of my frustration with this product. Shame on you Sling for trying to make money off your loyal, core customers. Why don't you offer something free and flood those people using the free version, a la free Apps on IOS devices, with commercials and ads? This once great product gets progressively worse with each update and all the advertising. I also cannot keep the desktop on top like in previous versions. I used to expound the virtues of the Slingbox, now I talk people out of buying it. You've lost me as a customer.