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    Android Shows Sling But Can't Get TV To Show it Using Roku


      I have a M2 Slingbox connected to my home TV system.  I want to "sling" it to my vacation home in the mountains.  I added app to my Android phone and everything works fine showing on the phone anywhere I go, including at the mountain place.  Then, I installed SlingPlayer app on my Roku system at the mountain home but cannot get the picture/sound from the phone onto the TV through Roku.


      When I'm in the mountains, there is no cable or any other source for Internet.  I get my Internet signal on my Android phone which pulls in a strong 4-g signal from the cell phone carrier which was kind enough to put a tower on the next ridge.  Then, I use my Android phone to create a hot-spot and a wireless home network to which I attach my Roku any other labtop/tablet/other device that needs Internet.  Everything works just fine...until I try to get the Sling signal from my phone to the Roku box and onto my TV. 


      I suspect the problem might be due to the fact that my Android phone with SlingPlayer app is not on the same home wireless network as my Roku player and it's SlingPlayer app.  When I try to turn on wi-fi on my Android phone, it drops the Internet connection between the phone (from the signal being received through the air from the carrier's nearby tower) and everything fails because the hotpot dies, the home network goes down, and nothing gets a signal.


      How can I work around this problem to get the Roku signal off the Android phone, through the Roku, and onto my TV?