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    iOS Support - AirPlay w/ AppleTV-2015

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      Hello - Reaching out as I’ve been a loyal Slingbox Member from the beginning, constantly upgrading my hardware as it is released.

      For about 2-3 years, I have used AirPlay from my latest Phone or iPad to my 3rd Generation Apple TV, never had any issues.  Went out and obtained the new 4th Generation AppleTV and AirPlay no longer functions well from the Slingbox app for iPad or iPhone.  Basically will try to connect, then receives some error messages and goes back to the device.



      Running latest version of the App, iOS etc…restarted all hardware as well.

      Looking to understand if SlingMedia plan to release any updates to the iOS community.  I think quite a few great features out there such as Picture in Picture and Multitasking would be great on the iPad as well.