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    Worked fine at home but now doesn't work when overseas

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      Hello, I recently set up my sling box 500 at home in Dallas, Texas. It all worked absolutely perfectly on every device when at home with no bandwidth or quality issues. Now that I am in Japan it doen't even receive audio let alone video. My internet service in Dallas is the highest available from AT&T and the box is hard wired via ethernet cable to the router, my internet service in Japan is fibre optic with download and upload speeds of 300MPS+ so it's definitely not the internet here in Japan and I can't see how it would be the internet in Dallas. I can see the home screen of my AT&T U-verse box in perfect clarity so there's definitely as connection there but then when I turn the box on and try to watch TV I get nothing, I can however see the TV guide and channel selected, just no picture or sound.  Any ideas? Thank you