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    Can the Slingbox 500 Work with the UPC-Horizon Cable Box (on Ziggo.nl)?

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      We tried installing a Slingbox 500 in the Netherlands on a UPC-Horizon (2015 model) cable box at our apartment.  No luck with HDMI so we installed a component video converter that is supposed to be able to convert HDMI to component with HDCP 1.2 protection.  We don't know if the cable provider (ziggo.nl) uses a new higher level HDCP protection, but we were unable to get it to function.  There was an error message even when we ran component connections from the Slingbox to the TV. (The setup-up went well, and we could even see the channel image during setup  which then stopped when we tried to operate the video stream   Before I sell the Slingbox and component converter on Ebay, are there any suggestions anyone might have get the Slingbox to work?  This was a real disappointment.