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    Slingbox forums are insecure

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      Seriously what on earth is going on with this site, I expected something more professional.

      1) Security certificate has expired, so there is a risk in even using these forums and you must override browser security to get here.

      2) The forum structure and layout is insane with regular time outs.

      3) It's like it's designed to discourage anyone from asking for help even though Sling direct you to their forums.


      Couldn't you actually use normal forum layout and software.


      All I wanted to know was why Chromecast video is stuck in 4:3 and wont go to 16:9, I did search but the forums wouldn't let me reply to those threads and they got no answer either.


      Starting to worry about buying the Slingbox, it looks like a company running on fumes.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Have to agree, since swapping to a Jive hosted format the functionality of the forum has been severely degraded  (something Sling is famous for of course, replacing both hardware and software with worse systems).  Apart from the certificate problem, unlike the previous version there is no visual indication of messages already read, there is no visual indication of the last poster, there is no visual indication of how many posts a user had done, so you cannot differentiate between a new poster and an experienced poster.   The list goes on....