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    unable to view  slingbox pro  on any  browsers

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      Hi All, Can someone put me straight on my attempts to view please . I have three slingbox pro's that I am tryng to watch using windows 7 . In particular Chrome version 47.02526.73m

      Explorer 64 bit  Mozilla, I have ensured that the plug ins are installed and active , yet still the browsers state that they need the plug in or it needs to be activated ? .... as a last resort I re  installed windows 7 OS and ensured all the updates are in place and installed , but to date I am still unable to view ... I note also when I go onto explorer at www.slingbox.com that I get the american site that I cant change .. it seems oversized and full of adverts ? I am unable to alter the american flag to the right ? ... Really odd ......any help appreciated please