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    Sling Player for IOS forgets slingbox login info constantly


      My IPhone(s) (several family members) just seem to randomly forget the slingbox login info in the slingplayer app (free version 1.0.0).  It is so annoying to type in that long-winded e-mail address and password every other day.


      The help desk provided its usual useless assistance (they actually told me to contact Apple about it??????????).  They refused to log any bug, crazy.


      So now I send my plea other into the forum on the hopes that one of the developers will happen upon it and look at the code to see what causes it to reprompt for the login info even though it was entered twice the day before.  We typically cast to roku, and rarely click the 'disconnect' button in the app (though I have done tests, and it does still forget the login info sometimes even if I do click the disconnect button).


      And, no, we never click the 'logout' button.