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    Internet viewing - Stream type needs to be TCP

    vg777 Newbie



      I have a slingbox solo. I have configured router for internet viewing and it works fine with a laptop and the mobile phone.


      However i cant get it to work with a slingcatcher. I was  told that the stream type needs to be "TCP" versus the "SNAT" it is set to now.


      Any ideas on how to change it?




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          eferz Expert

          Yeah, basically you have to make sure the router's firewall is forwarding both UDP and TCP ports of the Slingbox to its private IP address.

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            As far as I know, you dont need to set up a port for slingcatcher but you may not have set up your slingbox correctly( obviously, if you have to set it up manually then you do need to set port 5001 ( default port) for udp and tcp in your router for your slingbox which is generally on ( default IP address). and check that it CAN be seen over the internet, I generally go to http://www.whatsmyip.org/ports/ when I set up customers sling boxes and go to port sniffer, enter your port number 5001( or different if youve changed it) and see if its open, if its not then you have not opened it in your router, if you have opened it it will work if you havnt opened it you stand little chance of seeing your sling over the internet or on sllingcatcher


            As soon as the above is good and you log in to your slingbox  account and enter the password you set up you see all your devices,


            I you cant find the port open via http://www.whatsmyip.org/ports/ then post back here with your router make and model and I will guide you through the router setup