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    Sling player plugin doesnt see my slingbox solo

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      I just got a new router which is using a different ip name range. Therefore, I had to reset the slingbox (pushing the reset button next to the power plug until it starts flashing) which duly reset the box and then went on to acquire a new ip address lease from the router. Now I can see the slingbox on the router as a connected device. so far so good.

      Now I am trying to use the sling player plugin in Windows (8.1) as well on my Mac Air (OS X) and it fails to setup the box in both cases. In windows it doesn't find the sling box in the network altogether. On the Mac it finds the box and wants to update it, but fails after downloading 25% all the time...

      Any clues? Basically I got a defunct slingbox now

      thanks for any help or tricks to try