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    Using Slingbox to support a disabled person?

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      I am buying new TV (Samsung UE48JU7000 LED 4K) for my mum who has dementia and whilst I will block off most of the buttons on the remote control to make life easier, there will be times when she will have difficulty controlling the TV. Can I use a Sling box to remotely control her TV and which type would I need, ideally I would like to control using an iPhone/iPad. The sorts of thing I would like to be able to do include:

      - switch TV on/off

      - Change source (ie HDMI/TV etc

      - change channels

      - use Samsung Smart TV i.e. can I control cursor movements


      Is Slingbox the solution or can someone recommend an alternative way of remotely controlling a Samsung Smart TV?





      ps before anyone asks, I am getting her a large 4k as her eyesight is not great