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    Slingbox 350 Matricom G-Box Q, I get a PIP (picture-in-picture) type video

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      Absolutely LOVE my slingbox and am glad that I boght it.  Works phenomenally well on my PC, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab 10 and now the Galaxy Note 5.


      Bought a Matricom G-Box Q Android TV box thinking that this would be great for trips, etc. and I can finally do away with my laptop but to my surprise, the video only appeared in 1/4th size on one corner of the screen.  I had installed the 'tablet' version of the app from the Play store.  I figured it probably had something to do with that so I went ahead and uninstalled it, installing the Phone version of the App.  The result was the same.  The only difference was the actual remote control's image vs. a bunch of buttons at the bottom (on the phone version).


      The menus, etc. are taking up the whole screen, just the broadcast is only coming in one corner of the screen... if you can think of anything, please let me know.


      I believe it has to do with the Slingplayer App.  I've tried a bunch of other video apps like Kodi, Youtube, Plex on the same box and had no issues.


      Thank you so much in advance!