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    If you have the new Amazon Fire (box or stick), read this!

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      Stuck in a Starting > Loading loop.



      • If this is the only reason why you bought the Amazon Fire box or stick, return it.  Sling Media does not have an app that works with it nor has Sling Media said when the problem will be fixed.



      • Buy the older generation (box or stick).
      • Use a tablet or computer and stream it to the Amazon Fire box or Stick.


      Good luck.

        • Re: If you have the new Amazon Fire (box or stick), read this!
          This morning I received the Amazon Fire Stick OS version and the update has included the connection glitch fix for Slingplayer.  To get the update, click the System tab, then About, then click down to system update.  The new update takes about 10 minutes to install and optimizes system storage and updates applications.  The active version on Slinplayer for FireTV is v.3.0.5.  I don't know if there are any improvements to Slingplayer streaming or other features as I will test that now, but at least I get a signal on a device without the awkward cell phone or tablet hand off to run. Maybe it helped to elevate the issue to both Sling Media and Amazon senior management, who knows.  Not sure where the issue was (either the Fire Stick or Sling).