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    Apple TV!!!


      Sling, discussion after discussion on this topic and no replies to your customers who have spent money on your products.


      Will you be creating a native app for the new Apple TV's App Store? Using AirPlay with my iPhone is unreliable at best. A native app for Apple TV will completely change my viewing experience and my satisfaction.

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          Why no answer??? NEW AppleTV not working with slingbox using AirPlay. Need to upgrade the apps and a native app for the NEW AppleTV would be the BEST. Come on slingbox don't let us down!!!

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              jbondsr1 Newbie

              Airplay works fine for me on the New AppleTV. I too thought at first that it wasn't working. It seemed, for like a minute or so, to be switch between trying to load the stream and throwing an error saying something like "Unable to Load Content", but after a while, it settled down and the Airplay was stable.

              Just a note, I am using a Slingbox 350 and sending Airplay to the New AppleTV using iPad Mini 2 WiFi Only version (Retina Display/No Touch ID sensor).

              Slingbox, Slingplayer iOS app, New AppleTV and iPad Mini are all up to date with the latest versions of software and firmware.



              I also agree that there should be a native app for the New AppleTV.

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                  I can't get it to work, latest iPad, constant disconnecting.  Does Sling still have technical support working on products?  I went and bought a new ChromCast to try that out and it doesn't work either.  Ready to drop the entire Sling system, ugh!