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    Slingbox 350 Setup Error - Slingbox is not saved to your account


      I upgraded my cable service and had a new cable box installed.  Everything else stayed the same (router, modem, etc).   I was having difficulty configuring the same Slingbox 350 that I had before the upgrade with the new remote/cable box so I deleted the "old" slingbox from my account directory and performed a hard reset on the slingbox unit.  I figured that this would allow me to start from scratch and treat it like a new install.  Now when I try to set up the same Slingbox 350 with the new cable box I keep getting this message below when I initiate the set up process.  I've performed the 3 suggested steps in the error message numerous times over the past several hours and keep getting this same error message.  Any suggestions?




      The Slingbox is not saved to your account. If you are not the owner, please contact the owner to gain access.


      If you are the owner, follow these steps to save the Slingbox to your account:


      • 1. Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.
      • 2. Wait until the Network and Power LEDs are both on.
      • 3. Click the Refresh button below to configure the Slingbox.