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    HELP - Slingbox doesn't work ... Network and Sling LEDs flashing

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      I activated my SlingBox on Sept. 11 2015. Had been working fine until a couple of week ago.


      Now, whenever I turn on the SlingBox, Power LED remains stable for the most part. The Network and Sling LED blink simultaneously 4 times and that is it. Cannot get SlingPlayer on any device to connect to the box.


      Also, I know what I'm doing since I'm a geek so have done multiple soft and hard resets and have scoured all kinds of forums to search for any possible solution. Strangely enough, I haven't come across anyone complaining about the sequence of LED flashes that I describe above.


      Oh also, after the multiple resets, sometimes I'll get it to go until the stage where I can choose the remote for the SlingBox (during Setup stage) but I can never get it to finish. Reverts back to the LEDs flashing sequence. Massively ******* off!!