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    How to enable virtual remote on Slingbox 500 with IPC1100 set top box?

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      My Slingbox 500 virtual remote won't work with my new Verizon set top box (Arris IPC1100).  If anyone can point me to the right settings I would appreciate it. 


      In the setup process, the HDMI cables aren't recognised, but the video and audio come through fine on my iPad, even when I remove the cables.


      However I cannot change channels with the virtual remote, and it is limited to the channel set on the set top box.  The ir device is plugged into the Slingbox back securely, and the pyramid is out front of the set top box.


      Someone on this forum with the same setup seems to have been successful setting to the Motorola option in the video source menu, and then the "other" choice.  I do not see the "other" choice, at all, just dozens of different options that don't seem to work.


      The "Arris" choice doesn't work as a video source.


      Any help would be appreciated.