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    slingbox 500 - no "#" in wireless passwords

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      I just set up the slingbox 500 that replaced my trusted Slingbox Pro (which I was running via a wireless bridge that finally gave up, not the slingbox, hence the replacement).


      Setting up the (hidden) wireless network I noticed I cannot enter a '#' (hashtag). When selecting the character on the virtual keyboard it briefly flashes (indicating the remote works and the character was selected), but it does not generate a character in the password field.


      For the time being I changed my wireless router to display the SSID so I could use WPS. This way I could confirm that the box is otherwise in good working order (the streamed video is soo much shinier than from my old box).


      I would like to avoid to reconfigure numerous devices with a new password. Is there a way to either get the # into the password field or to enter the password in hex?