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    350 works great, then audio goes away


      I have a slingbox 350, and it works great, but every 24 hours or so, the sound goes out.  I have the 350 connected to a HDMI-only X1 receiver.  I have this HDMI to component adapter in between.  Amazon.com: Portta PETHRV HDMI to Component YPbPr Plus R/L Audio Converter v1.3 1080P: Electronics  We can reset the adapter and that fixes it, but we can also unplug-plugin the HDMI at the back of the X1 receiver and that will work too.  The weird thing is that the video is always great, but the sound goes out.   I got this 350 as a refurb from Amazon.  Can I assume that the culprit here is the HDMI adapter?   Thanks for any help

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