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    PRO-HD SB300 video quality

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      Hi. I just inherited a used PRO-HD SB300. I have a Comcast Cisco RNG200N cable box.


      There are three ways to hook the two up together.


      a) Component cables (for HD)

      b) Composite cables (for SD)

      c) And Coax.


      I want to stream HD, but I can't get the component cables to work. I have my TV connected to the RNG200N using an HDMI cable. When I downloaded the RNG200N manual, it implies that if I am using HDMI that the component connection doesn't work. So I tried the coax cable between the PRO-HD and the RNG200N. The PRO-HD detected video, and I can stream it to my iPhone or Windows laptop now. But the video quality is not that good. The PRO-HD installation instructions do not say whether you get HD or SD over coax. Does anyone know which I would get? If only SD then that is probably my video issue.


      The only alternative I can think of is to use component between the RNG200N and the PRO-HD, and component also between the PRO-HD and the TV, instead of using HDMI between the RNG200N and the TV.


      Someone please help .