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    I HATE the slingplayer extension for Chrome!


      The new extension for Chrome is so wrong! Several things are not right about this forced upgrade.


      - Keyboard shortcuts for the onscreen remote don't work: I am a visually disabled person and I rely on being able to use keyboard shortcuts for the onscreen remote because I can not see the small buttons on the onscreen remote and therefore can not use my laptop's mouse to click on the buttons. Instead, I have been able to use the keyboard shortcuts to access the commands on the remote instead. Now, for some reason, the keyboard shortcuts no longer work! I have to resort to using the few TV control buttons available in non-full screen mode to control the TV. What happened? Where did the shortcuts go? It is ironic, because I think I can see the remote shortcuts hints pop up when you hover over a button on the onscreen remote - but the shortcuts don't work!

      - Why did slingplayer change from having an application to access the slingplayer to having to access the slingplayer with an extension? I thought the application worked perfectly - the extension does not.

      - What's with all the ads? They were never there until the extension came along. I paid good money for my slingbox and am very frustrated that I now have to ads all over the place. I only expect to see ads for free things I am using - not for products I have paid for.


      Come on slingbox support team! I feel like I am the unfortunate party of a "bait-and-switch" scheme. When I first bought the product, things were great. Now, things are not great at all. I am very disapointed.