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    Cannot see the on-screen graphics for my Canal Digital T-We (ADB 5743)

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      I have bought a Slingbox M1, and the old remote from Sagem ITCD 83 250 HD works fine to use on my new T-We box (ADB 5743) from Canal Digital, Norway. Even if the remotecontrol looks different than my new one.

      BUT the problem is that I cannot see the on-screen graphics for the box that comes up on my TV for menu, channel list, TV-guide a.s.o. on either my iPad, Slingbox Desktop app for OSX or by browser, even if I can see it on my TV at the same time... I am not talking about the TVs menus, but the set top box' on screen graphics. I can only see the TV-channels themselves.

      Do anybody know why? Can this be solved in any way?