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    Picture tint

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      New install of M! with MAC.  Picture tint is way off.  How do I fix?

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          kristine.sling Newbie

          Hi there sail1946,

          Generally with color issues, something is off with the video cables.


          You'll want to check carefully and make sure that the video cables from your cable/satellite box to your Slingbox, are all plugged into ports that match the cable colors. You should also check that the cables are firmly seated, give them all a twist to make sure none are lose and they all have good connection.


          If this doesn't resolve the issue, you may want to try another set of cables, from Cable box to Slingbox. If there is a cable in your set that is bad, this can certainly cause this issue.


          Below is a link outlining these steps as well.


          Slingbox.com - When I watch, the colors are all wrong


          Hope this helps!