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    Problem with my Slingplayer on Android and Slingplayer Channel on Roku

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      I just started to use my Roku again on my other TV and use it with my Slingplayer app on my android tablet and phone.  Minutes after connecting the Slingplayer on my phone/tablet and then using the Slingplayer channel on my Roku to watch TV, I get this message "Conflict - Another authorized user is viewing this Slingbox. Do you want to disconnect him/her? YES NO."  At this point, whatever I was watching continues to play on the Slingplayer for Roku channel, but I can no longer make channel changes or go to DVR etc on my phone.  The only options I have are YES or NO.  This happens on my multiple devices.  There is no one else here to be signing onto Slingbox or know my password to sign onto it.  I don't know what is going on.  I have uninstalled app on my devices and uninstalled channel on Roku.  I have also reset the Roku.  Please helpScreenshot_2015-11-17-09-47-15.png

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          Jessie (the poster, above) asked this question mid-November of last year!  Someone from Sling needs to answer this one ASAP--or, link us to the answer if it already exists in a separate thread.  This issue is SO ANNOYING! 


          Getting constantly disconnected (e.g., 4 times in 6 hours) while streaming ruins the experience.  No one else can possibly be logging into my M1 (I'm the only person who knows the password to access it).


          Additionally, I've spent a lot of time researching and trying to remedy the poor connectivity issues with the Slingbox M1 and its companion Android app.  I've done everything:

          1.  Everything is connected via ethernet cables.

          2.  Assigned static IP addresses (using MAC addresses) for the M1 on one end and the Roku 3 I have on the other end.

          3.  Port forwarded 5301 on the respective routers.

          4.  Ensured that my upload and download speeds (at the M1 and at the Roku 3 ends, respectively), are WAY more than required (60 Mbs down / 4 Mbs up).

          4.  On and on and on....


          Help us.