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    No Network Light?


      My HD Pro stopped working so I unplugged it and plugged it back in.  The network light never blinked, but the power light is on and the other lights on the front (the upside down U) are all lit up.  The reset button doesn't do anything.  Any ideas?

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          I had the exact same problem occur a couple of weeks ago. I check the power supply and the voltage appeared to be correct but not sure on the amps.  I tried the old power supply from my Slingbox Classic to see what would happen since it is not the same power output. It actually allowed the PRO-HD to restart and operate properly. Since it was not the proper power supply and would cause it to over heat I didn't leave it plugged in long. This just confirmed that it appeared to be an issue with the power supply.


          I ordered a new power supply for the PRO-HD from the Sling Media store last week. I figured 20 dollar is better than another 300 for a new unit. It arrived Monday afternoon and I plugged it in to the PRO-HD and the system is up and running properly. So it appears to be another case of a power supply issue.


          I hope this helps you in correcting your problem.