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    Nothing but problems with Slingbox M1 and slingplayer apps


      Anyone considering buying this product should seriously reconsider. I've had mine for about a year now and it's been an exercise in frustration.


      In the beginning it was nothing but dropped connections. Their go-to solution was port-forwarding, which I did, however this only marginally improved performance.

      I still get numerous dropped connections. But that's not all, try changing channels and you will end up wanting to take a baseball bat to this garbage of a box. Not only is it excruciatingly slow, but often it does not work at all.


      Airplaying to your TV is also problematic, again more frustration. Talking to support is like talking to a brick wall, they refuse to even acknowledge the problem, despite the hundreds of posts complaining of this problem.


      I was hoping that Slingbox would introduce a new app for the new Apple TV that would hopefully address some of these problems, but true to form sling box seems to have missed the boat once again.


      Save your money this Christmas and find another solution.