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    [Slingbox Pro] Can I still watch on slingbox.com if OS is Windows 10?

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      I have a Slingbox Pro. It is unfortunate, but I can't upgrade because my cable signal needs a Coaxial connection, which is not availabe for the newer (350, 500, M1) models. Feel free to correct me if  I am wrong.

      Still, so far the Slingbox Pro works ok, even though the quality of the streaming is just ok and options for viewing is very limited. Also, Slingbox Pro overheats sometimes and stop working.

      Anyway I was hoping someone could tell me whether I can still watch on slingbox.com (not slingbox player for Windows) on a computer running Windows 10 using internet explorer.

      Watching on slingbox.com (using internet explorer) is pretty much the only option for viewing so any help would be greatly appreciated.