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    You stole my slingbox and I want it back...

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      I've had a slingbox since 2012.  I've loved it and referred many friends to the service.

      I didn't even care that you started making me watch commercials before I am connected.  It gave me a chuckle that I was watching this stupid ad while "my stream was being prepared" as if there was actually something important being done in the background.  I know better as for the first two years, my connection was immediate.  I didn't complain when you made me pay $30 for the app to buy on my smart phone AND on my tablet and then you gave it away for free.

      BUT NOW, when trying to use my slingbox, The picture is minimized and the remote control appears over the desktop I'm using making it impossible to have my slingbox playing while actually working on my computer.  Every few minutes I am being distracted and my work is covered so that you can make the slingbox screen smaller and put yet ANOTHER ad below the screen.

      Now I'm ******, NOW I WANT MY MONEY BACK.  You cannot sell me a box and then years later make it unusable.  This is not ethical and NOT COOL.

      I would expect someone to let me know when this will be fixed OR let me know how I can send this back since you've made it unusable for me.