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    Still no video signal, hooked up correctly


      Hi all,


      I've been having this same problem where I can't seem to get video signal (but do get audio).  I originally had my 350 hooked up to my small bedroom DirecTV receiver, but someone recommended I try it with the main living room receiver so I did and am still getting the same error message.  Can anyone take a look at the pictures and see what I might be doing wrong?


      Cables provided by Slingbox plugged into the DriecTV Component Video Out




      Cables plugged into the IN on the Slingbox.  There's no need to have cables going OUT because the HDMI cable is still plugged in from the DirecTV box to the TV, so the Component Video Out cables don't affect what I'm watching on my TV screen.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          This is probably just HDCP (do a Forum search, there are hundreds of posts about it).  Just remove the HDMI cable COMPLETELY and feed the TV from the component OUT plugs on the Slingbox.


          And you are wrong about the effect on the TV screen.  Your DirecTV box will output ONLY one channel on all outputs. If you want to watch a different channel on the Slingbox you will have to have a second satellite box.