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    Upgraded my STB, couldn't change app settings, reset the M1. Now can't connect at all.


      Hi and thanks in advance for your help. I'm running an m1 with an xfinity x1 stb. Windows 10 with the official 10/8.1 slingplayer software from the windows store.


      Today I upgraded my comcast equipment to an X1 system.


      Plugged it in and everything was working fine. Except my slingplayer was still configured for my old motorola box and old remote. I tried looking at every possible setting to find a way to update the input/device in the software. Couldn't find any option.


      All of the slingbox support articles were for a much older slingplayer. I'm using the windows10/8.1 software from the windows store. There is no way to reconfigure the input source.


      I reset my m1 box and now i can't connect to it at all. I get an error message saying "make sure they are conected to the internet. Well for $%&* sake it's still connected exactly as it was.



      Please help me, I'm begging you.