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    SB500 can't connect to the internet

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      I have an SB500 connected to an Infinity X1 DVR.  Recently Comcast upgraded me to a wireless Gateway device.   Since that time I have not been able to connect to the internet.  I can't turn on the SB500 with the actual remote or the app on my IPad mini.  The only way to turn the SB500 on is to unplug an replug in.  The power light is on and the network light blinks and the slingbox  "N" comes on.  The TV shows the wakeup screen along with several slides about SB features.  The network and "N" turn off.  Then the screen says press "N" on your remote to start.  Pressing the n on the remote does nothing.  Eventually the TV goes back t live TV.  Any ideas?  Bad power supply?  Obviously, I am not connecting to the network.  I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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          Here is some more information about this problem with my SB500.  I connected it up using an Ethernet cable.  It behaves the same way although I do get the network light to come briefly.  The "N" lights up and flashes briefly along with the network light which is solid.  After a couple of minutes when the TV screen displays the press N on the remote to continue setup. both lights go out.  The power light remains on.  Basically, I am unable to get to the next screen.  I have tried using the reset button on the back and the result is the same. Anybody got any ideas?