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    DVR'ed shows on Verizon FiOS set-top box won't play on Slingbox 500


      When navigating to my Verizon FiOS DVR menu using the on-screen remote on my laptop or phone App, I cannot get any recorded show to play. The screen goes black for a second, like it want's to play, then nothing happens and it just goes back to whatever live program was playing when initially connecting to my Slingbox. I tried using Safari, Chrome/Slingplayer for Chrome, and my Slingplayer iPhone App and none work. The set-top box is a Motorola QIP-7100 P2 model.


      I have reset the Slingbox 500 using the button on the back of the unit. I have also reconfigured the Slingbox settings online under the Settings menu. I have also reset both FiOS set-top boxes in my house. My Slingbox is connected to a non-DVR set-top box, but this set-top box is able to watch shows that have been recorded on the main DVR set-top box. This set up has worked previously for well over a year and then all of a sudden stopped working. I have tried resetting everything but it still won't work. Running out of ideas of things to try. Anyone else have a similar issue?