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    This is a demand - REMOVE THE ADS NOW!


      I am giving you the Slingbox makers 30 days to remove these FREAKING ADS from this horrible PC Desktop Player update. This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE and PURE GARBAGE. This is the third Slingbox I have bought and if these ads are not removed I will be returning this new Slingbox M1 to Best Buy for a full refund. I am one EXTREMELY ****** OFF PERSON who has been a customer for 10 years and I will not with put this incredibly low quality of desktop client. It is totally shameful on your part to be pushing this ad garbage out at paying customers, totally shameful. There is no indication or notification on the product that ads will pushed out to the customer. I PAID FOR THIS POS ****, and I should not have to look at ads. If the ads are not removed I will also be filing a consumer complaint will all Federal, State, and Provincial authorities as I consider this to be unacceptable to treat consumers in this fashion.

      TO BE CLEAR, I paid for this M1 Hardware, I granted you Slingbox NO RIGHT TO send me ads in any way, shape, or form. GET RID OF THE ADS NOW.

      I also found that new PC Desktop Client is DYDSFUNCTIONAL AND SERIOUSLY BROKEN in the following ways:

      1. Video is Very Jittery.

      2. No option menus as existed in the previous client.

      3. Ads being pushed to the customer without the customer's knowledge or permission - completely unacceptable.

      4. The PC Desktop Client does not remember it's previous screen location and placement from the last usage. This is almost unbelievable that a Windows client would be pushed out without this extremely basic feature.

      As a customer for the better part of 10 years I rather shocked at bad this product has gotten. Unfortunately my old Slingbox ProHD broke so I was left with little choice but to buy a new one. The quality of this new product is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE.

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          I too paid alot of money for the M500 when it first came out. I bought a solid, ad-free product and paid full price for the privilege.


          Since when did you decide that it's OK to further monetise me after-the-fact by adding ads on top of my video?


          Here's what I am doing: I am boycotting every advertiser that appears on your platform. I am leaving 1 star reviews on Amazon for your disingenuous, money-grabbing dumpster-fire of a product and will blast to all 12k of my twitter followers on a regular basis not to buy your god-awful ad-infested shitware until you make good on my original purchase and GET RID OF THE F***ING ADS!

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            This is complete garbage. I want a full sized screen and I paid $30 for the application  on my Android. Pathetic!