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    IPad App Won't Stream to Roku

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      I am having trouble streaming from my iPad to my Roku stick. It used to work and I had no issus, but all of a sudden the icon on the iPad app to connect to the Roku disappeared. I tried to add the Roku manually with the IP address, and it told me there was no Roku at that address even though I typed it in correctly. I am on the same wifi network, the roku is connected to the Internet and says the connection is excellent, and my other apps appear to be working on the Roku. I deleted and reinstalled the roku channel and i deleted and reinstalled the app on my ipad. I also reset my internet connection in general. The app works on my iPad but refuses to connect to Roku. I called Roku and they told me it was a Sling error.


      I recently cut my cable and rely completely on slingbox, so having this happen is extremely frustrating. What else can I do to fix it?