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    Why do my Slingboxes routinely lose remote internet connections?

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      I have two Slingboxes ProHD which I use to watch TV remotely from my second home.  However, they routinely lose remote connectivity after about a week or so and do not regain function.  Both Slingboxes report a Network Error, Code R=0.  My only recourse seems to be to reset the Slingboxes when I return to my primary home.  This is obviously an unacceptable situation.  The Slingboxes are connected correctly to my router.  Dynamic or static addressing makes no difference.  Local network connections to my primary home network behave without a problem.  Only remote connections fail.  All other devices connected to my router function without a problem.  Does anyone have any troubleshooting ideas or experienced this same problem.  Should I just give up on Slingboxes as being unreliable?