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    Slingplayer for Fire TV

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      Purchased the new Amazon Fire TV (4K Ultra HD version) for the sole purpose of using it with the Slingplayer App. Based on my research, Fire TV was the only solution that did not require a mobile device to cast the cable. After setting everything up and getting past the login screen in the Slingplayer app, the "Connecting..." would loop endlessly. My first reaction was thinking that it's some sort of network setting/issue that I was experiencing.


      After trying everything I could think of, I called customer service and was advised that this is a known issue and that the 4K version of the Fire TV is not supported at this time. No ETA can be provided at this time. Seriously? Would it be too much to ask to be a bit more transparent and post known issues somewhere so that consumers can be better informed and make better decisions?


      I would really appreciate someone from Sling follow up on this discussion and update the misleading post Slingplayer for Fire TV is now available! and the FAQ section mentioned within.

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          Have the same problem. Got the FireTV one week ago, installed the advertised slingplayer app, which never stops loading and starting. Curious th hear wether Sling customer service has come up with anything, or what???

          Happy for answres.




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            Agree--At this point Slingplayer should have an answer on an ETA for this--what about it Slingplayer

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                elind Newbie

                I replied about this on another related thread here. It appears that the app has been fixed, or the Fire TV stick has been. I had left it plugged in, but not used it. A few days ago I thought I would try again and found that there had been an automatic update of the firmware on 11/18/15 and now the app worked. Needless to say, nobody from Sling Media reads these comments.


                As to the app, it's true that it doesn't need a phone to run via a Roku or similar, but I naively thought the voice control option would apply to this app, but it doesn't. That means that channel numbers need to be set with a slow cursor selection on screen, instead of finger typing on a phone, and it uses the IPhone app format which is less user friendly than the Android one.


                Oh well.

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                Miracles still happens. Efter elinds note I started up the FireTV Box without to much optimism, but what happened - TV signals ran in from Sling Box very fine. So thank you Sling Media.