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    Repeated Slingbox M1/M2 Connection Errors


      HELP!  I'm running a Slingbox M1/M2 connected via a wifi to an Apple AirPort router.  My setup worked fine when the AirPort was a bridge and my cable modem handled internet and wifi.  I changed the configuration so the AirPort handles wifi routing and internet access while the cable modem is a bridge.  Setup works fine - I can watch TV, use the remove, playback, etc.  When I close SlingPlayer desktop and reopen it, SlingPlayer gives me an "unable to connect" P1 error and wants me to reset it.  I'm on my 10th reset!  The Slingbox is connected to the AirPort - I can see the IP address and excellent connect quality.  Every time I reset the Slingbox, it works fine until I close the desktop app down.  I can't find anything  in the setup that is of any help to solve this.